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Motion Marks Reel 2016. We sincerely hope that words aren’t necessary. We enjoyed that work, enjoy watching it!

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New lighting LCD panels with huge capabilities

We’ve just received 6 brand new Aputure Amaran LCD panels. This light is a perfect piece of kit for anyone who will be on the move a lot or simply cannot travel with too much equipment at any one time. While beeing compact and very fast in usage they produce highly professional light output with great colour characteristic, and are pretty

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Our brand new BLACK MAGIC PRODUCTION 4K CAMERA soon arriving!

Sign of new era of extremely professional, beautiful and at the same time relatively cheap video production, Black Magic camera will soon be a part of Motion Marks Gear.   With 4k footage (almost 4000 pixels on longer edge of video footage) it captures images detailed as never before, perfect for advance editing. And whats even more mind blowing, it

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Welcome to motion marks

In this age, innovative media planning and strong visual presence is essential for every successful company and every business, as is whole process of promoting your materials, especially via modern ways of spreading your message.


At Motion Marks we always starts with broad research to understand our client goals, and we take pride in creating concepts that will help achieve those goals. We've crafted marks from scratch, starting with beautiful key visuals, logotypes and all core materials to build professional image for our clients. We've made dozens of photo productions to fill that image with visually appealing content. But we are always focused on video materials, as they are most difficult, and at the same time most effective way of promoting our clients.


Video is with no doubt the future of any visual advertising. Whether it's promoting a company via commercial or corporate videos, or showcasing its individual products & services. This is XXI century, and your customers needs to get to like your product instantly, as much as your business partners want to see who you are & learn about you quickly and with pleasure of watching beautiful motion pictures.


Finally - after years of working with media we gathered great deal of knowledge, while still staying fresh and creative, and started to organize whole media campaigns for our clients, with various social media channels included. Always creative, and each time crafted with care and passion.


So, how can we help you?